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Penyederhanaan IP di Mikrotik

1. masukkan ip addresnya lewat terminal aja biar cepet address list bisa di download disini
2. bikin manglenya.

/ip fi ma
add action=mark-connection chain=forward comment=Speedtest disabled=no \
dst-address-list=speed dst-port=80 new-connection-mark=Speedtest \
passthrough=yes protocol=tcp
add action=mark-packet chain=forward comment=”” connection-mark=Speedtest \
disabled=no new-packet-mark=Speedtest passthrough=no

3. bikin queue treenya

/que tr
add burst-limit=0 burst-threshold=0 burst-time=0s disabled=no limit-at=0 \
max-limit=0 name=Speedtest packet-mark=Speedtest parent=global-out \
priority=1 queue=default

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